Japanese-Style Breakfast

I just love love love Japanese style breakfasts! They fill my tummy up so I don’t feel the need to snack before lunch. There are lots of variations to these dishes to suit your pallet.

* miso soup:
See the ‘soups’ section of this website.

* white rice:
I prefer basmati because it is the least acidic, but there’s nothing like brown rice in the morning either.

* egg white omelette:
3 eggs
Splash of soy/rice milk
Favourite herbs/spices/salt/pepper
Sesame oil
Japanese pepper

* seaweed (nori sheets):
Cut your nori sheets into small strips and place on rice or eggs. Traditionally, the Japanese use small rectangles of nori to wrap their rice in, using it like you would a naan bread.

* Green tea or herbal tea of your choice

1. Start cooking the rice, I love my rice cooker but you may be a saucepan person.
2. Make the miso soup (see ‘soups’ section) as this will stay warm.
3. Separate your egg whites from your yolks into a small bowl, if you want a low acidic omelette. Whisk the whites and add a splash of soy/rice/cow milk. Add salt/pepper/your favourite herbs to taste. Cook your omelette in a frying pan, cooking it in sesame oil creates an awesome flavour. Once finished, a dask of Japanese pepper on top gives an extra something-something.
4. Boil water and leave for a minute before adding green tea to a teapot or cup.
5. Serve your rice and miso soup in separate bowls. I like having my egg white omelette in a separate bowl as well.
6. Add your cut up nori or nori sheets. Eat!

To all those Japanese hotels and inns who have fed me over the years. The best Japanese breakfast I ever had was with Eva in Koya-san, we ate with the monks and other temple stayees – it was magical.

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