All Things Green Salad

[new photo coming soon]

I created this salad for Andy’s 40th from what was in the fridge after a food shop. The sesame oil and sesame seeds give it an Asian feel but the flavour isn’t overwhelming. This salad fed lots of people so you could cut the quantities if you wanted something smaller.

1 cup of snowpeas, chopped in half/quarters
1 cup of sugar snap beans / green beans, halved
2 cups of baby spinach
1 large lebanese cucumber (or normal cucumber)
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
1 tablespoon of toasted sesame seeds
1 handful of fresh mint, chopped
1 handful of coriander, chopped

1. Add the vegies to you bowl and mix.
2. Stir in the sesame oil and most of the sesame seeds.
3. Sprinkle a few sesame seeds on the top to make it look special.

Inspired by Merrilyn’s Asian salads (my Mum is a great cook!).
Kudos to Andy for turning 40 with style!

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