Leti’s Luscious Lentil Patties

Yesterday, we went on our first ‘Train Trekking’ adventure to Seaford. We swum in the beautiful ocean and then we enjoyed a gourmet BBQ, hosted by Ken and Leticia and Allyn. Leticia cooked up some of her famous lentil patties and shared the recipe – being the first person besides myself to publish a recipe on this blog. Woop woop!

See ingredients and recipe for kirsty’s dhal
1 tablespoon of cornflour
1 egg (optional)
Vegies of your choice, chopped very finely
Herbs of your choice, chopped very finely
Ricecrumbs / breadcrumbs (optional)

1. Make the dhal like you would normally. Don’t forget some rice as well. See kirsty’s dhal recipe if you need ideas.
2. When cooled, mixed the dahl with 1 egg and cornflour to thicken the mixture and bind it together.
3. Add vegies of your choice. Leticia recommends vegies like onions, mushrooms, sweet potato and celery.
4. Add herbs of your choice such as parsley, oregano or corriander.
5. Blend or mix the mixture and roll palm-sized patties in rice or breadcrumbs if you wish.
6. Shallow fry in olive oil in a frying pan. Serve with crunchy salad.

Leticia, Leticia, you’ve done it again!

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  1. Mem says:

    Sounds delicious…will certainly give them a go!

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