Gluten-Free Pasta Bonanza

This is my new favourite food – fettucini made out of mung beans and spaghetti made out of soy beans! They are organic (certified) and gluten free. PLUS they hold their shape when you cook them and aren’t as heavy as some of the other gluten-free (corn and rice) pastas out there.  I hear they’ve made a blackbean one too.

My Mum found them at her local IGA so I’m sure they’re kicking around a store near you. Or you can buy them online at

The pasta is an American product (made in China), so the carbon miles are higher. But sometimes you just gotta go for it.

Another foodie blogger has also discovered them and made a pumpkin and sage sauce which sounds very tasty. Check it out here

Once again, thanks Mum.

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  1. Dude, so you’re enjoying Cook (Almost) Anything? It’s a great blog. Try “that jess ho” as well 🙂

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