Lorna’s Vietnamese Coleslaw

Lorna made this salad for our team meeting the other day and it was so moorish that I had to recreate the magic at home. She served it with small squares of flat bread – delish! Anthony liked it a lot too but next time he’d like it with raw carrots, raw corn from the cob and chinese cabbage instead of green cabbage.

Ingredients (makes a big bowl):
1/2 a green cabbage, chopped into fine pieces
2 large carrots, slightly cooked so they are still crunchy
1 corn on the cob, slightly cooked so it’s still crunchy
3 spring onions, finely chopped
2 cups bean sprouts
1/2 cup fresh coriander, chopped
1/2 cup fresh Vietnamese mint
Lorna also adds fresh basil!
Kirsty’s other ingredient ideas include red cabbage, capsicum and gluten-free fried noodles (Chang’s)

Sesame oil
Rice wine vinegar / apple cider vinegar
Caster sugar
Tamari or fish sauce
This is tricky because it’s totally up to your own tastebuds. I recommend you start with these ingredients and experiment to find the taste you want. Lorna likes to match the amount of sesame oil with the amount of vinegar.

1. Cook carrots so they are slightly soft but still crunchy.
2. Once cooked, remove carrots from boiling water and add cob of corn, again cooking so it’s a little soft but still crunchy.
3. Run cold water over carrots and corn to cool.
4. Chop up coleslaw ingredients. Mix well in bowl.
5. Remove corn from cob with a knife and add to salad.
6. Add carrots to salad.
7. Mix up coleslaw dressing.
8. When serving, allow people to add their own dressing using a teaspoon. This works particularly well if you’re serving the coleslaw in flat bread.

Lorna is an amazing cook. Stay tuned for some more of her great recipes!

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