Getting the Balance Right

In the past few months I feel like I have stacked on the weight. I seem to have let temptation well and truly get the better of me.

I haven’t said “no” to things that aren’t good for me. Scones with jam and cream? Yes, please. Vegie burger with the lot? Yes, please. Roast chicken? Yes, please. That’s right readers, even meat. Actually, quite a lot of meat. What happened to my vegetarian lifestyle? Even one of my closest friends told me the other day, “I don’t really consider you a vegetarian anymore”. Eeeeeeeeeep! It appears I have a crisis on my hands.

Isn’t it funny how we humans go through these phases? You know what I mean? We have such good intentions but we don’t always rise to the high expectations we place on ourselves. We feel best when we are comfortable in our bodies and also feel healthy. But yet, there are so many yummy things in the world to tempt us and we sometimes give in a little too easily. And then there’s the guilt and the eating and the guilt and the eating.

So it got me thinking about why I’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ and got into this situation. I realised what I’m doing wrong.

Work-life-balance (or lack there of). When I’m busy and stressed… I eat on the run, I don’t even a proper breakfast, I find myself binging on food, I give in very easily to temptation, I can’t say “no”, I don’t exercise properly, I eat  fast large mouthfuls  instead of slow and mindful pieces. This feeds a cycle of grumpy tummies, heat in the body, acidic levels up, lethargy, anxiety, bad skin and fat. And once you get caught in that cycle, it’s even easier to justify the eating. Plus, there is less time for cooking. I still manage to cook when I’m home. But out and about it appears I’m not as prepared.

We know all this, don’t we. We know that when the work-life-balance is out of whack, then we’re out of whack. But sometimes, things just get out of hand.

So, this, my friends, is my confession. If you are indeed someone I see regularly, please put up with my perusing of a menu with a finetooth comb to find something appropriate to eat. Please understand that I want to eat a vegetarian diet.  Please forgive me if I say, “I can’t make it to your event” because I need to chill after a long day at work. Please indulge with me some quiet times, walks on the beach, snuggles on the couch. And please shut my laptop down if you see it on during non-work hours (unless of course, I’m writing this blog which is integral to it all).

Finally, please forgive yourself if you’ve ever been in this position. And know it’s easier than you think to get back on track. Power to you!

To my husband, for helping me work it all out.

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  1. Johanna GGG says:

    nice honest reflection – I know all about good intentions. Good luck with getting back on track

    1. vegematarian says:

      P.S. Great blog! Have added a link to Vegematarian to encourage people to go and look at your yummy recipes 🙂

  2. Cate says:

    I think i’m going through a similar impasse in my life….

  3. Carolyn says:

    Power to you K!!!! I’m practicing with you>>>>”No thank you! No! Sure and what would you like me to stop doing so that I can fit that into my busy scedule”…….Now, the big question is what do you throw in the car at the last minute when you’re busy, know you’ll be out for most of the day and may need a snack-on-the-run that’s gluten free, healthy and veggo and that will last relatively well in a hot car???? My answer to this delema is: corn thins, miso or gluten free veggie spread and an avocardo! A blunt knife thrown in the mix also comes in handy. Saves me every (most) of the time.

  4. vegematarian says:

    Thanks Johanna, Cate and Carolyn. It’s so nice to feel supported!

    Johanna – I’m feeling much better and definitely back on track 🙂 Even writing my little confession helped get things into perspective.

    Cate – How are you going with your journey. Any luck? My advice is don’t be too hard on yourself. As soon as I excepted that I was doing some stuff that wasn’t great for my body, I was in a much better headspace to make healthier choices (less anger and frustration, more relaxation and forgiveness) 🙂

    Carolyn – What a blessing it is to have such a wonderful colleague (and friend) in you. Thanks for the tips, I’m going to make it my mission to get better and packing snacks-on-the-run. I think I’ll use my thermos a bit more too so I can take soup etc on the road. Love to you xx

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