A Good Read… The Japan Diet

Looking through the files on my computer, I can see the different dietary journeys I’ve been on over the years (dietitian or naturopath prescribed). These experiences have helped me truly understand food and my body (and the combination of both). So now the challenge is forming good eating habits that I meet my body’s needs!

Whilst living in Japan, I picked up a copy of the Japan Diet by Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle. It is an awesome guide to how to live a healthy life without sacrificing taste and pleasure (and you can buy it easily in Australia). We all know, but it’s good to be reminded, that it’s all about portion size.

The Japan Diet isn’t about eating Japanese food (although the included recipes are great), it’s about eating Japanese style… that is, lots of simple tasty dishes of small portions. The Japanese style of eating also suits people with GORD as it encourages 5 decent meals a day (I’ve started upsizing my snacks and downsizing my dinner).

Finally, the Japan Diet is all about “healthy weight loss from small gradual changes”. Being the person I am, I want to do everything properly and get it right straight away which can lead to inevitable failure. This gentle and more relaxed way of thinking about food really coincides with how I want my diet (and my life) to be!

For more information, visit http://www.thejapandiet.com/

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  1. great information! Thanks

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