Road Trip Snacks

My friend Cat wrote in an email this week¬† “I’m wondering if you had any suggestions for awesome and tasty roadtrip foods? I’ve got to pull a few Adelaide trips in the next few weeks and I would love to see some ideas on your bloggy blog”.

Well, Cat, your wish is my command! I’m finding that I concentrate better if I’m not eating food that makes my tummy grumble and general junk and I get excited about snacking because I feel proud of what I’ve made and don’t feel guilty about it. I also think it’s awesome having food on you when your road tripping as you can pull over at a rest stop or picnic spot and take in the scenery (and fresh air) whilst eating lunch.

Ideas for road trip snacks:
Gluten-Free muesli slice
Nut balls
Cold gluten-free pancakes (made into pikelets) with your favourite jam
Pumpkin cake
Celery with sunflower/nut butter
Nuts & dried fruit
Carrot, celery and cucumber vegie sticks
Fresh fruit
Gluten-free Potato Chips
Corn or Rice Thins with a spread of your choice (miso, tahini, avocado, jam etc)
Drink bottle with cold herbal tea, water or freshly squeezed juice.

Ideas for bigger road trip meals:

Get a thermos — put in soups, pasta and curries. It’ll keep warm for hours!
Salads travel well (as long as it’s not a hot day) — funk them up so they’re exciting like putting in some seeds, tofu etc).
Take gluten-free bread with you so you can hand it over if I want a sandwich (especially for breakfast).
Vegetarian frittata
Vegetarian rice paper rolls
Soba noodle salad
Vegetarian sushi

What are your favourite road trip snacks? Make a comment and share your ideas.

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  1. K says:

    This has given me loads of new ideas, I also really like corn chips and salsa and crackers with tartex.

    1. vegematarian says:

      Mmmm corn chips is a good road trip snack!
      Had to ‘Google’ what tartex was. Looks quite delish. Might have to find me some of that stuff!

  2. Ah! Love this post, I always enjoy a good road trip and an essential part is having lots of goodies to eat on hand. Love the idea of little cold pikelets with jam, yum! We always have lots of fresh fruit, rice crackers, nuts & seeds and as you suggested a packed salad too.

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