Summer Harvest

Thought I’d update you on ‘My Little Veggie Patch’ (click here for previous posts). Well, my friends, it’s been a bit of a disappointing Summer. We’ve celebrated the wettest Melbourne Summer on record which is great news for the drought (not such great news for the people of Queensland). It appears that my veggie garden, along with those of friends and family, has not had such a successful growing season. Half my tomatoes never ripened and many went moldy. We got 4 big cucumbers off the plants before they were hit with mildew (which I refuse to spray). We only got a handful of beans, about 20 carrots and some mini and large capsicums. Considering how many plants we had, it’s a bit disappointing. Even the lettuce didn’t reach its peak.

That being said, it’s my first official year of veggie gardening solo… so I’ve learnt a lot about what should grow where and how to treat pests.

To Mother Nature and the CERES Nursery for providing everything for the garden.
And to the ‘Gardenate’ website for their awesome planting guide and iPhone app

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