Mindful Eating

So many times, I fall into the habit of eating on the run… eating in front of my computer, eating in front of the TV, eating and chatting at the same time, eating in the car… the list goes on. But what if I took a minute to pause and reflect on what I’m actually shoving into my mouth? What if I didn’t shovel at all?

Recently I undertook a Zen Buddhist meditation course (which has changed my life!). In Buddhism, mindfulness is about being aware and present in the moment. We practised mindful eating and being concious of every taste, every texture, every bite. This may not be a sustainable way to eat… but I noticed that I didn’t overeat, I chewed properly and felt emotionally connected to my food. I thought about where it came from and how it was nourishing me.

Imagine if everyone ate this way all the time? I wonder how it would affect obesity levels, malnutrition and environmental sustainability?

So here’s my challenge to you, dear reader. Can you mindfully eat at least one meal a day?
Slow down… what’s the rush?

Here are some great links about mindful eating:
* The Centre for Mindful Eating (yes, there is even a Centre) — http://www.tcme.org/
* Sarah Wilson’s amusing article — http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/2010/06/sunday-life-mindful-eating/
* Sydney Morning Herald article — http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/blogs/chew-on-this/mindful-eating–why-growing-brains-need-healthy-food-20101025-1708c.html

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