Fresh Herbal Tea


Since giving up caffeinated drinks a few years ago, I’ve become a connoisseur of herbal tea. The top shelf of our pantry is a collection of jars with all sorts of strange looking teas, which are regularly consumed by our household. I had a break-through ‘lightbulb moment’ the other day with my naturopath, Nellie. She had on her desk a lovely jug of hot water filled with fresh herbs. What a great idea! Why do we have to drink only the dried stuff where there are so many fresh and delicious herbs out there? So I headed home and made a jug and it was delicious. There are so many great combinations out there and as a rule… if you can eat the herb fresh then you can put it in hot water and drink it.

1-2 sprigs of your favourite fresh herbs from the garden (in this jug is English mint and rosemary)
1-2 teaspoons of honey, to taste

1. Boil your kettle.
2. Wash the herbs and place them in a teapot or heat-proof jug.
3. Once kettle is boiled, let it sit for a minute and then pour over herbs.
4. Drink after a few minutes or leave for drinking during the day. Would also be nice chilled with a few slices of lemon!

Thanks, Nellie. You super star! Check out Nellie’s Facebook page —

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  1. Lemon Balm says:

    Nothing beats a fresh and healthy tea. Now, you really have to take good care of yourself but watching the things that you take in to your body.

  2. James Murphy says:

    Great explanation about Herbal tea, People love drink herbal tea as it is very well known for various medicinal properties. Herbal tea is purely natural and is made up of herbs with no additives. Though they are safe in all respects but we should have to take advice from a practitioner or doctor as always said prevention is always better than cure.

    1. vegematarian says:

      Hi James. Thanks for your comment. I totally agree about the medical advice… herbs should never be seen as ‘safe’ 🙂

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