Macrobiotic Diet

I’ve always known the term ‘macrobiotics’ (maybe through crazy celeb diets) but didn’t really know what it meant. I think I’ve heard people slam it for being too extreme or risky.

It was brought to my attention recently that I already do a lot of macrobiotic-esque cooking. Further more, the concept of ying and yang (or alkaline and acidic) has been on my radar for quite a few years now.

So I visited my local library and started reading. Macrobiotics is an approach to physical and emotional wellness through consuming foods that are balanced energetically (between yin and yang) and nutritionally. It is typically a well-balanced diet with high fibre, low fat, lots of vegetables and grains, vegetable protein, and limited meat, with an emphasis on eating seasonal organic food (yay). Variety is worked into the meal to ensure that a wide range of nutrients are consumed for balance and enjoyment.

There are lots of great macrobiotic recipes and I hope to share some with you in the coming months!

I don’t believe in following one type of diet, I believe in healthy eating… or more importantly, eating what is right for YOUR body. Pick and choose what works for you. Macrobiotics acknowledges that each body is different and if people actually tuned into what their body reacts positively/negatively to, we’d all be in better health.

I like what Julie S. Ong writes on her blog about bonding with food and strengthening our intuition:
“One of the easiest ways to incorporate healthy cooking into your life is to develop an intimate relationship with food. Really make it a love affair— get truly passionate about healthy food. For example, incorporate one new vegetable or whole grain into your meal plan each week. It’s sort of like getting to know someone you’ve just met. At first, it’s a little scary, because you don’t know how to behave around each other. And then after you spend some more time with them and you get to know each other, you start to build a mutual trust and feel safe around them. Eventually, you can’t imagine life without them”.

I’m not planning on taking on macrobiotics “hard core”, but I like it as a philosophy and am excited about a whole new world of recipes!

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