10 Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Here are ten ways that you can lower your carbon footprint through your food choices:

  1. Buy seasonally¬†– Avoid food that’s been sitting in refrigerated storage for months (possibly years).
  2. Buy locally – Fresh and frozen produce bought locally saves on food miles and reduces the need for refrigerated storage. Or even better, grow your own (the photo above is of one of my vegie patches)!
  3. Research importing methods – How your food has travelled is just as important as how far your food has travelled.
  4. Avoid hothouses – Hothouses use vast amounts of energy to create the right climate to grow the vegie.
  5. Cut your packaging – Aim to replace your packaged goods for fresh ones.
  6. Avoid processing – Wholefoods use a lot less energy to produce than refined and processed foods.
  7. Buy less meat – Cutting back your meat consumption, especially beef, is one of the most positive steps you can take towards being low-carbon.
  8. Buy fewer big fish – Harvesting big fish, such as tuna or swordfish, produces similar amounts of greenhouse gases to harvesting beef.
  9. Buy organics– Organic food comes without the embedded energy associated with artificial pesticides and fertilisers.
  10. Only buy what you need – Avoid wasting food that you can’t eat in time and don’t go shopping when you’re hungry.


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