Salt and Pepper Tofu

Salt and pepper tofu is one of my favourite Summer dishes. I serve it by itself as a main, part of a salad or on Vietnamese vermicelli noodles with vegetables. Some people deep fry their tofu but I find that shallow-frying does the job.

Coconut oil (or your favourite oil), for shallow-frying

1 cup of gluten-free cornflour
1 packet of medium or firm tofu
2 tablespoons of salt (I like non-iodised river salt or Celtic sea salt)
3 tablespoons of pepper
Additional salt and pepper seasoning, to taste

1. Remove the block of tofu from its packet.
2. Remove as much moisture from the tofu as possible. Place the tofu block on some paper towel or clean tea towel. Place another  layer of paper towel or clean tea towel over the block. Gently push down or use a heavy book/weight for a minute or two.
3. Pour the cornflour into a bowl.
4. Add the salt and pepper into the cornflour and stir. You are welcome to add as much salt/pepper as you wish.
5. Remove the tofu block from the paper towel/tea towel and cut into cubes. The size is up to you. I like them big at about 1.5cm.
6. Add a handful of tofu to the cornflour and gently coat the cubes.
7. Heat the coconut oil in a deep frypan or saucepan. You want to have enough oil in the pan to coat the bottom half of the tofu blocks. Coconut oil will smoke so make sure you turn on a fan or open a window.
8. Add a handful of tofu blocks to the oil. Shallow fry, turning once when the bottom is golden brown.
9. Remove the tofu piece by piece and drain on some paper towel/butchers paper.
10. Continue this process until all the tofu pieces are cooked.
Serve with a further sprinkling of salt and pepper, cooked garlic/chilli/ginger or Lemon Soy Dipping Sauce.

SOURCE: My parents taught me how to cook this recipe.


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  1. vegeTARAian says:

    I love the sound of this – so simple! Thanks for sharing 😉

    1. vegematarian says:

      You’re welcome. Hope you have a great year of blogging too 🙂

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