Edible Flowers

Each edible flower has its own flavour and use. Here is some information get you started.

Macrobiotic Diet

What is macrobiotic eating and how might it help you? Find out more in this Vegematarian note.

Mindful Eating

Note: So many times, I fall into the habit of eating on the run… eating in front of my computer, eating in front of the TV, eating and chatting at the same time, eating in the car… the list goes on. But what if I took a minute to pause and reflect on what I’m…

End of Winter Harvest

Note: Another Winter has past and it was time to harvest some vegies in my garden and prepare them for eating! Today I harvested spring onions, spinach, kale, lettuce, buk choy, Chinese cabbage, mini broccoli and the end of the mizuna. This ‘crop’ was grown in 3 wine barrels and a small garden bed in…

The Wine Barrels Continue to Give!

Note: Another wine barrels vegie garden update for you… It’s been a good Winter so far for my wine barrel gardens and we’re getting a good crop of mizuna, broccoli, spring onions and other Asian greens. They’re all competing for sunshine and nutrients but seem to be doing OK. In our small garden bed strip…